How to subscribe to a social trading account?

1. Login to your Fxlivecapital account at

2. On your dashboard go to the “finance” tab and click  “deposit” and pick your deposit option of choice (bank cards require a KYC verification).

3. Next you will have to create a payment account which will be the bridge to your investment account. To do so click on ” Social Trading Wallet” and click on Open Investment Platform and that is it, now you will automatically have a payment account created.

4. Now you will have to go to or go to your dashboard and click “finance” and “transfers”

5. Select your USD wallet and transfer it to your payment account, enter the amount you wish to transfer and click “Transfer”.

6. Visit or from your dashboard go to” Social Trading Wallet” and click on Open Investment Platform.

7. Once on the Investment Platform, click on “Leaderboard” and choose which account you wish to subscribe to after reviewing each available Social Trading options.

8. Click on” invest” on the Social Trading of your choice, create a “new investment account”, pick which type of account you are creating (PAMM,MAM, etc).

9. Make sure to check the box to agree to our terms and conditions, and click on “Open Account”.

10. Click on “continue”, now let’s subscribe to a Social Trading account, review the provided information and click on the box agreeing to our terms and conditions. Finally click on “subscribe to a master account”

11. Next you will need to make a deposit to your investment account from your payment account to finish the process of subscription, click on “Make a deposit”

12. Enter the amount to be deposited to your investment account and click “deposit” and that is it, you are now subscribed to a Social Trading account.